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What is our Telemedicine Program?

We all know what a telephone and a television are but what is telemedicine? How is this new system of technology making it possible for people to get hospital treatments at home, rather than being admitted to a hospital or other medical facility? How does this system work?

Telemedicine is an offshoot of remote technologies, like data collection and transmission, or even ordinary communication technologies like phone calls or video chats, but now put in the service of medical treatment. As the name “telemedicine” implies, this is long distance communication for medical treatment. Telemedicine takes certain aspects of a hospital and “virtually” puts them into a home. It’s one reason why the Medically Home Program is referred to as a virtual hospital.

With Allied Health Organization, we are implementing this program to provide our patients confidentiality and medical assistance without them having to leave their homes or having to come in to the doctors clinic.

Telemedicine program is created to give a better attention to our patients in the comforts of their home.

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An interactive tool to provide a class A service to our patients, insured or Uninsured.


A program developed to guarantee the health of our patients and their follow-ups within Allied Health.