Frequently Asked Questions

How to access Allied Health services?

Call us at (844) 593-2160 to make an appointment

Where does Allied Health Cover?

We cover the whole state of Florida

What services does Allied Health offer?

We offer STD& HIV Testing and Treatment services, PrEP enrollment programs, telemedicine service, confidentiality, accurate results on your labs and assistance programs on co payments.

Do I need insurance to access Allied Health Services?

If you have insurance, we will cover your co payments, if you con’t have insurance, we will cover all your testing and treatment services.

What is the catch?

Schedule an Appointment

Booking an appointment with Allied Health is your best choice.

CEO Allied Health Inc.
Allied Health Team

Our team of medical experts will help you to maintain a healthy habit of checkups every 3 to 6 months.

Allied Health is here to become your health provider, with or without insurance.

CEO Allied Health Inc.