About Us

Who Is Allied Health.org

Allied Health is a 501 (C)(3) Non-Profit organization that offers testing and treatment services for STI’s and HIV to everyone who needs to get tested or requires treatment.

We treat every patient regardless of their insurance status. If you have insurance, we will cover all co-payments within our services. If you don’t have insurance, we will cover all of the services provided to you.

Allied Health has coverage over the entire state of Florida. Our medical specialists can assist you in our clinics as well as our TELEMEDICINE program covered by the bylaws of the HIPPA agreement.

Our program is specialized in keeping our patients as healthy as possible.
Our follow up programs will ensure that our patients get full coverage for their health conditions related to STD’s and HIV.

Allied Health provides preventive programs on HIV in collaboration with the world wide strategies that are focused on eradicating HIV.

Our Case Managers are licensed to offer you any federal programs available if you qualify as a beneficiary. Our mission is to eliminate any obstacles or excuses regarding our patients access to STD & HIV prevention services. With Allied Health, you have an ally for life.

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Who can benefit from Allied Health Services:

Sexually Active Population

By recommendations from the CDC, anyone who is sexually active, should get tested every 3 to 6 months as a preventive method for a sexual health strategy.

Call us now if you need to get tested.

Homeless Community Individuals

We understand the struggles for our Homeless situations, that is why we can offer assistance and help to find shelter, food and other federal programs available.

If you know someone who is in this situation give us a call.

LGBTIQ Communities

We welcome all of our LGBTIQ individuals, we pride ourselves to be part of an inclusive work group to assist our beautiful communities.

Give us a call if you might need our assistance in any way, if possible we might be able to help you.

People Living with HIV

Living with HIV is a struggle for those who have been diagnosed positive, if you are one of them, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we can help you get treatment with or without insurance.

Call us Today.

Substance Abuse Populations

Give us a call if you or someone you know is struggling with substance abuse problems, we can find ways to help for recovery and follow up on your recovery.

Rehab & Detox Centers

Our services can attend patients in your organizations, offering STD and HIV testing and treatment options and best of all, Educational Presentations for FREE.

Contact us Today to make an appointment or book us.

Mental Health Centers

As an organization, we provide services to help any mental health centers to care about their patients health status.


We believe in social justice, with our services, we can help minority groups to find health assistance and programs available for you.

Schools & Universities

Our programs are available for high schools and universities with our educational presentations and mobile testing services for everyone.

If your school or university group need an educational presentation on HIV, STD or sexual health, contact us to request this service FOR FREE.

Uninsured, under-insured and insured patients

We pride in offering our service for EVERYONE, if you don’t have insurance, we will cover our services, if you have insurance we will cover your co payments within our services.

How to Access our Services:

Step 1:Make An Appointment The first thing you must do is call our Allied Health primary number (844) 593-2160 to make your appointment and start the process of enrollment with us.
Step 2:Getting TestedBy getting tested with Allied Health, we get access to your status and health conditions.
Step 3:Getting Lab ResultsAfter your lab results are ready, you should call us or our office will contact you to schedule a doctors appointment, this can be done with our doctors present or by our telemedicine program.
Step 4: Need Medication?If needed, our doctors will start your treatment program according to the lab results done previously.
Step 5:Your Lab Results are Negative?If you are negative on STD’s or HIV, our specialists will offer you preventive methods to keep you negative on HIV.
Step 6: Follow Up SchedulingAs our patient, our staff will schedule you a follow up appointment for your next testing according to the official protocols in existence.

Benefits as an Allied Health.org Patient

  • By choosing Allied Health services, our patient gets immediate access to any service provided by us with or without insurance.
  • We will cover any co-payments regarding to your treatment needs or medical services within our programs.
  • Our patients receive an ally for life on health care services within our programs.
  • As our patient you will benefit on having a follow up service for life, regarding to our services.
  • Within our programs, as our patient, you will have access to any other assistance program available statewide or federal.
Your Ally for Life